Dina Paul-Parks, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Healthy Humor

On this episode of Mission Business, host Jennifer Alleva speaks with Dina Paul-Parks, Co-Founder and CEO of Healthy Humor, a New York-based non-profit devoted to bringing the principles of medical clowning to a variety of settings where children and others in pain or distress need the distraction, laughter and comfort that only a healthcare clown can bring.

Healthy Humor partners with a number of the premier pediatric institutions in the country, as well as builds relationships with geriatric facilities, after-school centers, and other community venues. Under Dina’s leadership the organization’s Red Nose Docs program has expanded programming from three hospitals at its founding in September 2016 to 15 hospital partners today across 10 states, serving more than 600,000 children and families annually.
In everything that Healthy Humor does, they look to bring joy, wonder and comfort to those in our world who are hurting and need it the most. For more information on Healthy Humor visit healthyhumorinc.org!